Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(Another piece from my online writing group.)

Echo shuffled nervously as she stood in rank, staring forward at the massive pale blue monitor.

It was a room of the complex she had never seen before. It had been three days of blood sampling and examinations and a tattoo number on her wrist. She had rested more than usual from what she suspected was sedation.

There had been thirty of them in the line when they entered but six had been called to leave. A number, each digit larger than a human male, appeared on the screen.

"Number 23178, exit to the right for processing." The mechanical command boomed from above, raising the hairs on the back of Echo's neck.

A rotund boy, maybe 8 or 9 years old, started to whimper from about eight people down the line. A soft whisper bounced off the walls of the chamber.

"It will be okay, Jeffie," a woman said with a tremor in her voice. "Just go through the door."

Echo looked to her right.

"Mother, no. Please, no," The boy cried as he gripped the woman's leg, burying his face into her thigh.


Startled, Echo spun her gaze back to the screen. Two heavily-armored soldiers passed inches before her, carrying long black cudgels with a shiny metal knob at the end. They stopped before the boy.

"Come with us. It's time to go."

The boy wailed and hugged his mother's leg tighter, drawing Echo's attention again.

"Please, Jeffie, go with them." Tears rolled down the mother's face.

"Go with us now or..." The soldiers words trailed off and he pressed metal ball of his cudgel against the boy's back.

The woman reached down and desperately tried to pry the boy from her leg. He would not let go.

"All right," the guard said with a sigh. His cudgel lit to life, an electric charge leaping from the metal ball to the boy.

The boy slumped immediately. The woman spasmed for a moment and collapsed to the floor. No one in the line moved or looked. All stood staring at the screen.

Echo started to go to the boy but a hand clasped her wrist. She looked back.

The man beside her, still staring forward at the screen, held her arm.

"Don't," he whispered. "Nothing you can do."

Echo looked back. The soldiers lifted the boy by the armpits and drug him through the door to the right. The woman still laid flat on the floor.

Echo stepped back into rank and looked forward.

A long silence pushed in on the room, building an unseen pressure. The man beside Echo allowed his hand to slip from her wrist and he suppressed a cough.

The screen lit again with letters.

"Complete," the mechanical voice from above boomed, repeating what the screen read.

A few exhaled sighs and one woman fell to her knees, weeping quietly into her hands. Several people went to attend to the fallen mother.

"What just happened?" Echo asked the man beside her.

"Yes, obviously, you haven't been here before," he whispered to her. "We are okay for now. We weren't chosen. We are the left-overs."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top Ten Favorite Redheads

I am posting a list of my top 10 favorite redheaded female celebrities, not as some weird stalker-ish inventory of obsessions, but for two reasons:

First, I wanted to work on my blogging skills - creating posts with pictures and text and successfully interweaving them in a creative layout.

And second, the topic came up in conversation the other day and I have been thinking about it on and off since.

I admit it. I do have a thing for redheads. I always have. There is a fiery passion in most that I find alluring - an indomitable drive and always a strong opinion. I've dated three redheads in my life, all relationships I could describe as "interesting" (as a complete understatement, mind you.)

I tried to choose women who are true redheads, though I am sure some have slipped through. And this is a personal list, women who I find attractive for one reason (or several.) It can't be argued because it's my opinion based on my knowledge and experiences. In short, don't flame the comment section because I didn't list your favorite. Just go make your own list.

So here it is (in alphabetical order with some honorable mentions at the end):

Amy Adams Angelic face, disarming smile and a super-talented actress, I think she can play any role she puts her mind to. Watch "Sunshine Cleaning, "Doubt" and "The Fighter" to see a very diverse actress.

Lauren Ambrose I met Lauren on a movie set recently and she is just as pretty in person as when I 'crushed on' her as Claire Fisher in "Six Feet Under." See "Cold Souls" and the Law & Order ep "Damaged" (a heartbreaking hour where she portrays a mentally-handicapped rape victim) as testament to her acting abilities.

Gillian Anderson Oh, the lovely Agent Scully... yes, I was a HUGE X-Files fan and she was a major reason for it. Toss in her acquired English accent from 'treading the boards' in London's West End and, that's it, you had me at "I want to believe."

Kari Byron Okay, there's some 'geek cred' on this list (you're going to get that from someone who's a geek himself) and this gorgeous Mythbuster has it; cute with a blazing smile - plus she blows things up! Really, what more could you want?

Felicia Day Looking for the geek that has it all? Look no further than Felicia. A talented actress who has created her own Web series "The Guild," she's beautiful and smart and has a laugh and smile to die for. Check out "Dr. Horrible's Sign-Along Blog," "Dollhouse" and "The Legend of Neil" for more of her talents.

Karen Gillan Admittedly, I only know her as Amy Pond in the latest incarnation of "Doctor Who," but wow! does she stand out. She's Scottish (again with the accents, Don?!) and her energy is just as her red hair suggests. Tall and elegant, she may have a future in the business!

Alyson Hannigan As much as I liked Alyson in "Buffy" years ago, she's even more beautiful now. The "How I Met Your Mother" actress can carry all aspects of acting; see the "American Pie" movie series for more comedic chops.

Rebecca Mader I am fully convinced that Rebecca is an alien. Piercing blue eyes, perfect smile and playful personality, she even looked great covered in grime as Charlotte in "Lost." Plus an English accent, like she needed it...

Jennifer Morrison Calling Dr. Cameron. The mesmerizing former star of House M.D. didn't show it as a TV doctor but is a natural redhead. Girl next door looks, an inviting smile and an upbeat personality contribute to her undeniable appeal.

Morgan Murphy Redheaded AND funny? It can't be. But that is the enchanting Morgan with hilarious stand-up and writing for late night TV, currently Jimmy Fallon. Her deliberate delivery is counter to what I'd expect from a redhead but the depravity of her humor only endears her to me more.

Honorable Mentions

Jenna Fischer, Isla Fisher, Christina Hendricks, Bryce Dallas Howard,
Nicole Kidman, Jayma Mays, Rose McGowan, Sara Rue, Alicia Witt,
Evan Rachel Wood

Saturday, December 4, 2010

And Now For Some Wikileaks Humor...

(from my Twitter feed)

Men with prostate problems have difficulty urinating, also know as Weakileaks. #ApologiesToMyTwitterFollowers

If your crazy friend tells you about his pet purple elephant, and you tell his psychiatrist, it's called a Wackileak. #AgainSorry

In 1692 Salem, many people were burned at the stake because of Wiccanleaks. #YesIKnow...

If you turn in your boss for embezzlement to get his job, it's called a Workileak. #ICantStop

Premature ejaculation during masturbation is also known as wankileaks. #BoyThatOneIsBad

If you have a cigarette lighter that is losing fuel, it's called a Bicileak. #OkayThatsTheLastOne

If you make out with a vampire, you will probable end up with a HickeyLeak. #OkayILied #ThisIsTheLastOne #ForNow

Years ago at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Disney's balloon entry deflated. It was blamed on a MickeyLeak. #IAmBeyondHelp