Saturday, December 4, 2010

And Now For Some Wikileaks Humor...

(from my Twitter feed)

Men with prostate problems have difficulty urinating, also know as Weakileaks. #ApologiesToMyTwitterFollowers

If your crazy friend tells you about his pet purple elephant, and you tell his psychiatrist, it's called a Wackileak. #AgainSorry

In 1692 Salem, many people were burned at the stake because of Wiccanleaks. #YesIKnow...

If you turn in your boss for embezzlement to get his job, it's called a Workileak. #ICantStop

Premature ejaculation during masturbation is also known as wankileaks. #BoyThatOneIsBad

If you have a cigarette lighter that is losing fuel, it's called a Bicileak. #OkayThatsTheLastOne

If you make out with a vampire, you will probable end up with a HickeyLeak. #OkayILied #ThisIsTheLastOne #ForNow

Years ago at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Disney's balloon entry deflated. It was blamed on a MickeyLeak. #IAmBeyondHelp