Friday, December 30, 2011

Recent Visitors

A couple of days ago, we had some visitors in our yard in Northeast Georgia.

Nine late afternoon visitors

Nine baby wild boars showed up to forage for a bit then snuggle into a "pig pile" against the side of our house to sleep.

Baby boar butts
I snuck outside to get some video of them by the house. Here's the edited footage. Note: I'm talking to the neighbor's dog, who came over to see why I was standing out front of my house.

Sorry but I turned my camera sideways to get a better shot.

Sometime that night they left for the woods only to return early the next day.

Foraging for breakfast
They spent quite a while, noses down, walking about the backyard looking for food.

They were exceptionally cute but also a bit of a nuisance. They messed up the flower area where they slept the first night. Plus we were hesitant to let our dogs out without looking around outside for them.

Unfortunately, this last day we saw them the neighbor's dog caught (the one I was talking to in the first video) and killed one of them. They took off for the woods in back of our property and we haven't seen them since.