Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Explanation of a Moment in Time

It's taken me a long time to write this.

I wasn't sure where to start and what to put here. But I've been working with a daily writing group that has been exceptionally helpful in getting me motivated. So the time seems right.

So what will be here? In short, everything. This is where I'll throw out my ideas - good, bad or ugly - and offer my opinion of the world, as if the world cares. This is where I'll reveal some of my fiction - whether it is stories I have made up about others or myself. This is where I'll breathe, vomit, feed, excrete like a caged animal. (Boy, that was dramatic...) This is where I'll explore like an alien traveler in a stolen time machine.

I'll point out my successes and failures, more for me to see than you, but you are happy to look if you like. You'll see that I try new things and try to improve on older lessons. You'll see me succeed and fail again. I'll try to embrace it all.

I will be here, when I can, in time and truth. And when I can't, but it looks like I'm here, it will be some imperfect reflection of me. I can't promise to always be truthful, but I'll always try to be present.

The name of this post is "An Explanation of a Moment in Time." The word "beginning" (in place of "Moment in Time") didn't seem right. There has been much before this moment that informs who I am - my opinions, reasoning, actions - so this can't truly be a start. It's where I am now and where I'm going from here.

You are welcome to come along.