Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday - Josh Joplin, Erato and Tim Minchin (again!)

Happy President's Day Music Monday!

I heard Josh Joplin for the first time on Letterman. I don't usually listen to the musical guest at the end of the show unless I've heard of them but he had a folksy sound so I decided to give him a try. He was promoting his new album, "The Future That Was," and this is the song that made me buy his excellent album.

 Erato is a Swedish vocal group and this video is something that someone shared on Twitter. Just shows what you can do with harmony, clapping and butter tubs.

Another one from the brilliant Tim Minchin. Again, a little religiously irreverent but fun. The appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show, however, was removed before airing even after the song he was going to play was reviewed by ITV standards.

Have a rockin' Monday!