Thursday, November 18, 2010


(As I mentioned before, I'm part of an online group that has inspired me to work on my writing more. Occasionally, I'll post pieces here that I like. This first was based on a topic from a couple of weeks ago, "vast." It's dedicated to young Ryan and his family.)


Vast is the universe, billions of years to traverse, always growing, ever expanding. Vast is our galaxy with countless stars, some blinding, some faded. Vast is the solar system, from the burning grand ball of the sun to the frozen rock we call Pluto. Vast is the Earth, the giver of life, our spinning home. Vast is a mountain, reaching into the clouds where the air is thin. Vast is a mansion, so many wings, so many levels, one too many empty rooms. Vast is an arm's length, a distance fallen short to pull ours from the dark water of the canal. Vast is the space between us, side by side, holding hands before his body, divided by a universe of grief.

Vast is relative.

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