Friday, February 24, 2012

Funny Friday - The Celebrated Ape of Calaveras County, Woody Allen's Taxi Driver and Questions with Cleese (plus bonus)

Dana Gould is one of the most talented guys in comedy. He is a wonderful stand-up, an incredible writer and a precise improviser. He took up this incredible challenge from John Hodgman.

Lee Zachariah knows more about film than you ever will. He also makes them better than you ever will. Don't be disheartened. He's extremely talented and lives in Australia so, if you are an aspiring director, he's not much of a threat to you - yet. (All bets are off if he ever gets to Hollywood.) 

With Shannon Marinko, the two created the Bazura Project (clips of which are available on YouTube), the best public access show I've ever seen. It featured movie spoofs, news, history and reviews, all while being hilarious. Someone in Australian television finally pulled their head from under a rock in the Outback and recently gave Lee and Shannon a series, also called the Bazura Project, which covered different subjects of film - violence, sex, money, profanity, drugs and fame - again in a humorous fashion. I highly recommend watching it. (And you know me, I never underline anything.)

This is a funny short film Lee made exploring a world where Woody Allen was the Director of "Taxi Driver."

Here's comedy legend John Cleese answering a few questions from us commoners. (I love he has no idea who Jeff Dunham is - as it should be - and his interesting take on stupidity.)

And a bonus:

"Conan" staff writer Jose Arroyo has a new comic book out, "Seething with Joy," described as "24 pages of comedy and aggravation." I haven't read the comic but I've seen many of the individual pages he's posted and they are funny, funny, funny. 

See his blog for sample pages. And if you want to buy the comic, you can get it at Indy Planet, if not your local comic retailer.

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