Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday Fun - A Patient Dog, The Beginning of the End and Dolphin Surfing (plus a bonus)

Here's a few sites and videos that I've enjoyed recently. (Don't judge me!)

If I felt this dog were suffering in any way, I wouldn't link to it. I do think is this is the best-behaved dog in the world. I also think this is hilarious!

For more wonderful pictures of the most patient dog in the world, go to the Food On My Dog blog.

For this video, I will only say this because I know we are all monitored here on the Internet: 

Skynet is here.

I wouldn't mind if this happened to me... I mean, if I wakesurfed... and if I could stand more than 15 minutes in the sun... and if I weren't scared of dolphins...

And as a bonus : I call this a Bad Day at the Circus. A motorcycle daredevil. A misplaced wire. A massive fall. (Note: The guy wasn't seriously injured.)

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