Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday - RUSH, Paul Simon and Sting

Going to cover some of my favorite musical performers/bands for this edition.

RUSH has been together for what seems like forever. And when I say "been together," it's just that - the same three talented musicians playing together since July 1974. They are the kind of band that are referenced as influences for other great musicians through the years. This is from what is probably my favorite album of theirs, the live "Show of Hands." The song, "Mission," is probably my favorite RUSH song of all time. It's about what it takes to be successful star and the toll it can take.

I don't think Paul Simon needs any type of introduction. Starting with Simon & Garfunkel, he has always stood out as one of the great American songwriters of the day. Love this single, "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes," from his much-lauded "Graceland" album for its smooth, soulful sound.

Another great songwriter and performer I've been a long-time fan of is Sting. From his earliest days with The Police through his jazz period to today, he continues to put out superb music. This song, "Why Should I Cry For You?" is from his under-rated "Soul Cages" album.

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