Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whatever Wednesday - ImpovEverywhere, Hockey Fans and Automatic Improv

It's another potpourri for Hump Day!

I love the silliness of ImprovEverywhere. While it's not true improv, it still captures the fun that improv strives for in its performances. Usually by using volunteers, they create a unique public "mission" meant to surprise and delight the unknowing. Here's a simple one:

Other favorites of mine include the Best Buy Uniform Prank, Meet a Black Person (in Aspen, Colorado), Pro Wrestler Wedding and the one I originally discovered, Frozen Grand Central. There are over 100 fun missions available to view, including all of the annual No Pants Subway Rides, at the ImprovEverywhere site.

It looks like Budweiser took a page from ImprovEverywhere's book when they created this ad. It's self-explanatory. I think the look on the face of the guy sitting on the ice at the end tells it all.

And speaking of improv, here's a fun video titled "Lines From A Play," featuring Andy and Sarah from Automatic Improv's main cast. Andy taught my Level 1 improv workshop (which I got a ton out of) and Sarah acts as the dean of Relapse University, the collection of workshops and classes offered at Relapse Theater in Atlanta. Both are great performers, as evident by this scene.

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